In regard to the in the past few months, we recommend you to get a prescription from your Doctor. You can also order from this website for same day delivery.

How much do the pills cost?

  1. Well, the cost of Cytotec(misoprostol) varies around the world. But Cytotec is widely available in the Dubai-UAE, so it’s generally very expensive due to the band by the UAE authority. Manufacturers don’t supply the pills to UAE pharmacies which means this Cytotec abortion pills can’t be bought over the counter in UAE.
  2. Legal versions of abortion pills Cytotec available in Dubai UAE have been available to patients in the UAE since 2001 but patients can’t just get them at any pharmacy. The medicines are only given out by certified health care providers in a doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital. The providers need to sign a waiver that they’ll ensure patients have access to a surgical abortion or emergency care if anything goes wrong.

Reproductive rights activists, however, view the crackdown slightly differently: as another move that’ll make it harder for patients to have a safe abortion. “As access to clinic-based abortion care becomes more constrained because of legal restrictions, more women may turn to these websites as they look for options to end an unwanted pregnancy,” Contact for express delivery WhatsApp only: (+971)529266526

Common questions and answers

Abortion with pills is a safe and effective way to end a pregnancy, but you must use the right medications. There are many counterfeit abortion pills Cytotec available in Dubai UAE and poor-quality abortion pills available. Here are 10 common questions and answers to help you find the right pills.

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